Chosen as Best Summer Read 2014 by Amazon, Kirkus Reviews, and the Los Angeles Times

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loothowtoThe idea for LOOT came from a simple question: what if you were the son or daughter of the greatest jewel thief in the world? When I asked myself that, a story started to spark in my mind. There was only one thing I knew before I started: I wanted to write a book where kids use mad skills to do bad things for good reasons… and get away with it!
Twelve-year-old March has bounced from one heist to another with his dad Alfie McQuin—from Paris to Hong Kong to London, and everywhere in between. Until one night when Alfie takes a fatal tumble off a roof in Amsterdam.
But before he falls, Alfie tosses March a glittering stone that just might make his fortune… if he can find his long-lost sister, assemble a gang, and reunite seven moonstones that just might be magic.
It’s a big job, but luckily, March has the greatest formerly living jewel thief living in his head.

The Wit and Wisdom of Alfie McQuin:

Never trust a guy who says “Trust me.”
If there’s no way out, find a way.
If people were meant to look back, they’d be owls.
Do it any way you want, but don’t do it stupid.

No matter how good you are, kid, remember this:
Sometimes you get caught.


Publishers Weekly (starred review):
“Jewel theft has never been as fun as in 39 Clues contributor Watson’s action-packed novel featuring Mission: Impossible–style escapades from two young cat burglars… The high level of suspense, ultra-short chapters, and fast pace will hook readers of all stripes.”

School Library Journal:
“With well-developed supporting characters and two likable protagonists, Watson has delivered an exciting, clever middle-grade mystery. Throughout, the characters develop organically, and Watson doesn’t shy away from real-world consequences. This helps give the book a real sense of urgency during each of the movie-quality action scenes.

“Sassy narration, smart quips, pigeon drops, and slang worthy of an episode of Dragnet make this fast-paced tale of topsy-turvy antics a joy from beginning to end.”

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books:
Quick changes of scene keep the action rolling, and some of the most engrossing acts play out in the underground circus venues at which Jules has been reared to perform as an acrobat. Assorted characters from Alfie’s past, largely of the endearing crook variety, balance the tension with levity and make this a richly entertaining romp.

Rebecca Stead, NY Times bestselling author & Newbery Medalist for When You Reach Me:
“LOOT is pure delight – a super-smart, funny, and exciting ride that I hoped would last forever. Full of wonderful characters and gratifying twists, this story is truly something special.”

Gordon Korman, NYT bestselling author of Swindle:
A nonstop thrill ride of cons, schemes, and near-misses, with more twists than a pretzel factory. If middle grade counts as a genre, Jude Watson is a master.”

Peter Lerangis, NYT bestselling author of the Seven Wonders series:
“LOOT is proof that Jude Watson can do it all: an edge-of-your-seat mystery that manages to be thrilling, funny, nail-biting, and full of characters readers will care about. I loved it.”

Jennifer Nielsen, NYT bestselling author of The False Prince:
“LOOT is one of my favorite reads in a very long time! I could not put this book down!”

James Dashner, NYT bestselling author of The 13th Reality series and the Jimmy Fincher Saga:
LOOT is one of those books that you’ll want to devour in one sitting. Full of twists and turns and thrills aplenty, with the perfect mixture of humor throughout, this is a must-read. I really loved it.