I’m Jude Watson, and I write for kids.
I have the best job in the world.

My latest book is LOOT.
Rick Riordan called it a “fantastic thrill ride!”

It’s about kid thieves, big heists, dark secrets, ancient curses, close shaves, fast getaways, cloud swings, magic moonstones, and cupcakes for breakfast.

Here’s an excerpt from the starred Kirkus review:

“Feisty thieves-in-training Jules and March are faced with a daunting challenge after their father plunges to his death while committing a crime.
The twins only gradually discover the full extent of the problem they face, but each new revelation fits perfectly into the often hair-raising narrative.
Driven by thrilling, nonstop action and featuring very brief chapters that readily sustain interest, this twisting and turning but ever-so-clever thriller is akin to the best of roller-coaster rides. Pitch-perfect characters, from scheming criminals to a twisted former cop to the twins’ father, move in and out of the narrative, but it’s the four young teens that drive the tale forward with enviable schemes and ingenious plans.